Property + Casualty Insurance

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Many social service organizations have physical assets—assisted living facilities, daycare and school buildings, gyms, residential homes, treatment centers, shelters, and worship facilities. Commercial property insurance protects your buildings and their contents whether you rent, or own.

Casualty insurance protects your organization from losses caused by injuries to individuals or for damage to their property.

Property Insurance

What it protects

Property insurance covers your physical assets from perils such as:

Asset 1


Asset 2


Asset 3


Asset 4


This is true whether the property is owned or leased.

In addition to your building and its contents, a property policy can cover:

Asset 5@3x

Computers and other electronic equipment

Asset 6@3x

Expenses due to loss, such as renting a new location during repairs

Asset 7@3x

Fixtures, furniture & supplies

Asset 8@3x

Intangible property

Asset 12@3x

Leasehold improvements

Asset 13@3x

Signs, fences, and other outdoor property within 100 feet of the building

Asset 14@3x

Valuable documents

Typical exclusions are money & securities, vehicles (subject to motor vehicle registration) and damage caused by crime, flood, earthquake, terrorism and wind.

Casualty Insurance

What it protects

Typically, casualty insurance provides coverage for personal injury, bodily injury or property damage caused to others. It also covers injuries that occur on your business's property.

Asset 15@3x

Bodily injury

Asset 16@3x

Damage to third party property

Asset 17@3x

Personal injury

Asset 18@3x

Advertising injury

Asset 19@3x

Medical expenses

Asset 20@3x

Defense costs

Asset 21@3x

Actions of your full-time employees and temporary staff

Asset 22@3x

Supplemental payments

One typical exclusion is theft. Electronic data liability is often dependent on your industry.

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